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Basically everything I’ll post for kids can be used on both genders.


Spending two hours on something, making it into a sims3pack, installing it and then remembering you forgot to add something T_______T

hue. thats better.

meridad said: I love your stuff! Your breechers with belt is my all time favourite and even if I try breechers made by others I always end up putting yours on my sims! <3 Thank you for sharing your creations!

Nawww. Thank you!

Just testing out some kiddies stuff ya know >.>

Bitch fit incoming..


Selfie Sundaaay.


I made these a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post them on here for those people who aren’t part of Equus-Sims.

These are only for YA/Adult at this stage and these are also all retextures (from the Base and Pets).

Female Rugby Polos:


Male Rugby Polos:


Male Breeches w/ Belt:


Just a note about the Male Breeches, they will appear very shiny in CAS it’s a texture issue I’m aware about but too lazy to fix at the moment. (hue)